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This company is a complete fake! After placing an order 4/13/10, for a SWISS made watch, sent next day delivery, I was told a couple of days later to notice that it was a special order watch and would take 2 weeks. I said ok to that. It is now 5/19/10 and I got an email the other day saying it was being shipped from China directly to me through the post office – WTF? I’ve pasted the scammers email below explaining away why a “Swiss”” watch would come from China. Luckily

I’ve already disputed the charges on my credit card and been credited back the $971. Someone needs to shut these people down!Copy of email:””Please note that your first watch never made it to us since a few of our packages were held up in customs

so instead of making you wait for that to clear and get to us

we are having the 1 watch directly expressed to you. Since its only 1 watch customs won’t bother it and it will instantly clear.Please read important information about your order below;*Some International and USA special orders are shipped fromdestinations outside of the USA.*Due to strict trademark laws in most European and American countrieswe are forced to keep some inventory inside our Asian office. Do notbe alarmed that your package is being shipped from an Asian country.We only sell swiss grade 1 quality however because of the logisticsinvolved with selling replica watches it is impossible to keep stockin Europe without risk of confiscation or penalties. We do have somestock in the USA but unfortunately your order was not a stocked itemin NY that is why we had to ship it from outside the country.*We assure you that all our timepieces are 100% swiss grade 1 qualityand are confident that you will be very satisfied with your purchase.Everything will be as advertised and if you have any doubts weencourage you to have any swiss jeweler inspect your watch. We havebeen in business for 10 years because we sell only the best replicasin the world. Also keep in mind that since we are shipping from Asiawe can declare a very low value on your shipment therefore it will bedelivered to you without any customs duties or taxes.*Since the box set is a genuine Rolex item we must ship thisseparately and cannot ship with the replica.”

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