Betabrand Las Vegas Nevada Review


I ordered a pair of Dress Pant Sweatpants from this brand on Feb 18, with the knowledge and understanding that they would ship in the middle of March. I called the first time on March 22 to inquire about the status of the order, and was told that the samples they received did not fit their standards and that they would be writing in a formal email in the next day or two to describe exactly what the current status of the product was. I waited a week and a half and had to call them again personally to see about the status update. It seems they gave me the same line as prior about receiving and email shortly and would follow up as soon as they know the status. As of now they have had my $97.00 in their accounts for almost 7 weeks with nothing to show for it. I would beware of this company on anything related to special orders. They must not have enough capitol to move forward with their business so they are crowd sourcing to fund themselves.

780 Valencia St. San Francisco, California USA

800 694 9491

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