Bethany DALTON Camden area NSW Australia single teen mum of 3


My image was stolen on 15 January 2015 from my Facebook profile pic by Tracey DALTON (aka Tracey SPALDING, aka Tracey EVIE, aka Tracey HARMONY) unemployed, welfare recipient, single divorcee of Camden area, NSW, Australia – studying a Bachelor of Social Science at Sturt University, NSW (posting as “Anonymous”) and Bethany DALTON of Camden area, NSW, Australia – unemployed, welfare recipient, teenage mother at 15 years of age to 3 children to a male 13 years her senior who is currently serving time in Goulburn Correctional Centre NSW.The posters on this US website are the ex-wife and eldest daughter of my husband to whom I have been happily married since 2004. Despite their vicious, nonsensical lies about my husband and me, I have only pity for them as they are unable to get on with their lives to become positive, inspirational role-model women who are productive in society. I post this warning to men and women out there as these women are colluding liars who will stop at nothing to destroy lives. I have posted an image of Bethany Dalton for this purpose. I have also posted a separate post of her mother.

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