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Beto’s Tire Service Bad Tire Shop In Bremerton WA Bremerton Washington!!. Saturday morning about 9:45am I pulled into used tire shop underneath a bridge as I was headed to Bremerton. I told the two Hispanic tire technicians that I needed a tire for my truck, I have dual wheels in the back and one of them popped and started to shred. He went and got a tire and came and told me the cost would be $75. Questioning them why the price was so high they both started to laugh. I told them the same tire only cost maximum $40 in Tacoma. He laughed again and told me if I wanted the tire it would $75 take it or leave it. He went on to tell me that the ticket for driving on a shredded tire would be much more than $75. Since I was in a vulnerable situation I had purchased the used tire. As he was installing the new tire on the rim, he removed the weights from my tire at which time I asked him if he was going to the weights back to balance the tire. He stated since was it was in the rear I didn’t need to balance the tire. Both of these technicians laughed and called me “pandeho” several times. While I was waiting for the technicians to put the tire on my truck I noticed the shop floor was littered with Corona beer bottles. I had a very bad experience at this used tire shop and I would never recommend them to anyone.

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