Better Living Sunrooms Norristown Pennsylvania


Complaint: I bought a home with an existing Better Living brand sunroom. The existing room contained all single pane glass windows/doors. I contacted the manufacturer to get two prices. One to have them supply replacement windows and install myself; the second option was to have them supply and install the windows. Upon my first meeting I was given a verbal price of $13,000 to supply and install the windows and was told they were unable to supply windows if they did not install them. Even though I was told on the phone they could supply the windows without installation services. After multiple requests for the windows only the gentleman left and said he would contact his manager to see if they could supply me the windows only. I received a call from Mike Leibowitz and he setup an appt with me. During the appt. he gave me a verbal price of $7000 for replacement windows. I asked him to get me a written quotation on the windows and he declined. I became suspicious once he told me he would not write what he was quoting me. He said “Well what else do you need to know? The price is $7000.”” I told him I was interested in seeing it in writing along with the payment terms

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Address: whether shipping was included

Website: ie. Leaking roof

Phone: product warranty

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