Beware! Be warned!


Firstly, my teacher heard about Pediatric Dentistry Reston on social media hence decided to take his daughter. They seemed to be careless to the extent of leaving his young daughter, I canít recall the exact age of the daughter. She had a procedure with laughing gas. For that matter, he had to escort her to where the process was to take place. He was not allowed to stay in the room where the process was to take place hence he was told to wait outside and he was assured if at all he will be needed they will come to get him by Dr. Neda. He remained there waiting for about a half an hour he heard his child calling for him through a closed door, he had to rush quickly only to find his daughter alone and scared in a room, he got annoyed. You canít imagine they left his daughter unattended if it were me I could have reacted harshly on them but he remained calm. While he was there the doctor went there with an excuse of blaming another kid for taking too long to pick nail polish. What kind of reason for leaving the daughter alone and unattended!

He took a quite number of days before he decided to let me know of this since he was very hurt with action. I convinced him that letting me know will relieve him thatís why he told me, although it wasnít that easy due to the parental guilt that he felt of leaving his child with the wrong or maybe none professionals

Secondly here is another case, where the doctor and staff appeared to be very rude to my teacher. Since he resides near Pediatric Dentistry Reston and it was late he had no option other than to go there. When they walked in the office they were not greeted by the staff. He expected his childís name would have been written at the front desk but instead it was not. They both had a bad experience that day. The staffs and Dr. Neda made them feel uncomfortable being there especially with the number of fillings and crowns the doctor had recommended to them of which she took very short time more so, what she recommended didnít sound of sense nor impress him completely. More so the price was too expensive for him and unfortunately, he had an insurance card that was out of network. He had not enough cash to clear the bill, the balance was very small, he tried to explain himself though they never understood him. The careless and very rude staffs were ordered not to release them until they paid the bill. He had to call back home to get money after it was brought thatís when they were realized. I donít recommend this place at all, be warned of them while you will be making your future decisions. The way they behaved with a child and provided such a crappy service, it only shows that they are unprofessional.

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