Never buy from this company! I ordered 4 items and had to return 3. One item was a hoodie that had a print picture on the front. When I received it, some of the print had been placed over the pocket, which caused the lettering to crack. This caused the hoodie to look crappy. I feared that if I washed it, the lettering would begin to peal off. When I pointed this out to Bewild, they said they didnt consider it a damaged product and thats how all of the hoodies were made. I’ve ordered hoodies from other companies, and every one will tell you that placement of the print is important. It should never go over the pockets. Bewild doesnt care how their products look or if the customer is satisfied. Though I was able to return the product after paying for shipping fees and a restocking fee, I was told products are inspected by three people before items are shipped. So, if you receive a damaged item, your stuck with it. They will not accept it back, because the damage was not done on their end. Bewild does not want repeat customers. They’re looking to make a quick buck on cheap merchandise. Dont fall for the scam!! .

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