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Stolen by Bexar Towing My truck was stolen from the Prinz shopping center parking lot in 30 seconds!!! San Antonio Texas!!. I took my wife to visit her friends at Dellview elementary since my wife is on sick leave for about two months due to loss of vission. It was about 1:30 pm when we were coming back home and saw a mexican reataurant that had been recomended to us and decided to stop there for lunch (Guajillos on Blanco and 410). Went in there and there was no parking in front of the retaurant at that time of the day we thought that their cooking had to be pretty good to be so packed and decided to park in the shopping center next door. It was a long walk and we said it must be worth it. Only thinking about the food. Got in there, ate….the food was ok. Paid and left like in 20 minutes. Walked to the parking lot and could not find the truck. Called the police wasting a 911 call and the police told me to check if there were any signs indicating towing will happen. Talked to another person there and he said he saw a tow truck from Bexar Towing that took it. Walked to the front of the parking lot and saw the sign they had there and took the number. Called it and they told me they had it and they said it would cost me $220 to get it out. Notice that it only cost for a tow truck $65 to come and pick up your car and take it to a mechanic or the dealer. This is highway robbery for a pair of senior citizens on a budget to have the city allow these ridiculous charges not to mention this towing activity that is allowing this company to steal vehicles from unsuspecting citizens for a fee. This is a new kind of stealing masked as if the city was the one doing this. Hell put parking meters in these places and let me pay a quarter and stop this nonsense of people enriching themselves at the mercy of unsuspecting citizens. I did not see the signs before I went in the reataurant, I did see them after I had to find them. Needles to say this was the most expensive lunch we had here in San Antonio. Thank you city council for nothing.

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