Big Bear Tan & Jet Power Tan aka Neon Sun Cactus Tan Tempe Arizona Review


Mega Tan Rip-off King Bill Groh opens another Tanning Salon under another name after bilking thousands out of millions from Texas to Arizona nHey, I was another victim of that slime ball, bill Groh, his wife, employees, mega tan, big bear tan, a thief, a master liar, a horrific slime ball, what a total a*****e, I just think he is the lowest thing on the earth. nHe ripped me off at mega tan, then when I went back to his new big bear tan in Fountain Hills AZ to use a membership that had been paid for at the mega tan, and was told that i would be able to use it at big bear, he told me that he was thru honoring mega tan past memberships, and that i was going to have to apply it to a package at big bear, and that he wanted more money, HELLO MORE MONEY, I already paid once for a membership! He was the one who couldn’t honor my membership, I paid, he didn’t deliver the goods to me, the consumer, TANNING !!! nHE WENT OUT OF BUSINESS, and to make matters worse I was told that my honor time had expired March first 2001, and this was on March second. I had no credit on the 120.00 I had paid on previous mega tan membership that I couldn’t use because the a*s hole ran the business, mega tan, in the ground and when i went to mega tan to use the membership I had paid for it was closed!! what balls this man has, I was one day late and had been a regular mega tan member……what f’ ing gall…. these people including his wife kissed members asses and acted like we were special, i thought they were nice people, always friendly, but God forbid you got close to expiring on your tanning sessions, well you have only a month left you better revue now while it is on sale, well hello i have a month to go…. i started to not trust them and good thing i only paid cash up front, however i am screwed out of 120.00 and since i was there march second, bill, the a*s hole he is, told me that my credit was no good, didn’t want to talk about mega tan, that he was tired of giving out credits on mega tan, hello, credits, on mega tan, he owned, or ran it. ni paid to tan, he was running the place, and i cant use the tanning package i paid for, and he is tired of giving “CREDITS”” what credit

i paid for it. nSo I told him that I would find another place to tan

and left

as I felt like

well once screwed

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