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Complaint: The following Better Business Bureau/E-mails thread will suffice: Better Business Bureau Thread: 11/16/2017 Case Received by BBB 11/17/2017 Case Reviewed by BBB During Hurricane Irma, the top timbers and tarpaper of our tiki hut that was built by Big Cypress blew off into our swimming pool. We contacted Big Cypress and they sent one of their workers out to repair it. We paid the worker $150.00 cash to replace the tarpaper and timbers and gave him an extra $20.00 tip. On closer inspection, we noticed that the top timber was not centered and there was a gap at one end. We felt that was an unacceptable repair so we contacted Big Cypress and emailed them pictures of the repair. Their secretary said they would send someone out to fix it the following Wednesday, but no one showed up on the Wednesday they were supposed to come. We then left several telephone messages and sent several emails but received no reply. Frustrated with no response, we left our last voicemail, indicating that if they were not going to respond, we would have to contact the Better Business Bureau. The next day, Rick who is president of Big Cypress, called and said that the top timber looks fine to him. I told him that was a matter of opinion and indicated to him we were not satisfied with the repair. At that point, he became verbally abusive, screaming that we have never built a tiki hut and that we were the worst customers he has ever had. He also informed me that we should be very careful what we reported to the BBB or he would sue us. Shocked by this communication, my wife called him back minutes later, only to be met with not only the same abusive language and behavior, but he also made verbal threats. It is our opinion that we have been an exceptional customer, not only promptly paying in full, but also referring another customer to his business. Since our tiki hut was built in August 2015, this has been our ONLY communication with him. We believe this kind of behavior from a customer based business is very unprofessional and unacceptable. At the very least, we are entitled to an apology for his abusive verbal behavior to both of us. Apparently we will now have to contact another company to correct the repairs since it is obvious that Rick from Big Cypress is unconcerned about satisfying his existing customers. 12/04/2017 Received Business Response There will be no apology from me to Mr W. There is nothing wrong with the timbers as it is more important to have them level. That is why there is a space on one end.There were over 300 repairs after the storm and these people were given priority and taken care of immediately. There are several people waiting for over 2 months for repairs and they did not call every day and harass our business. They are not threatening me to call them back. Mr W has the class of a styrofoam cup. 12/05/2017 Forwarded Business response to Consumer 12/05/2017 BBB Reviewed Consumer Rebuttal to Business Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) Whether or not Big Cypress TIki Huts’ repair job is satisfactory is obviously a difference of opinion and in the eyes of the beholder. The business’s latest response to our BBB complaint once again illustrates the type of abusive name calling by Rick, their president (“Mr West has the class of a styrofoam cup.””) This latest remark is mild compared to his earlier X-rated comments and physical threats to both me and my wife. Extremely unprofessional. In our opinion

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Address: this complaint has NOT been resolved. 12/06/2017 Forwarded Consumer Rebuttal to Business E-Mail Thread: Geoff West > To:Big Cypress Tiki Huts Dec 5 at 3:02 PM Rick

Website: can you? Such childish behavior.”

Phone: attached is a picture of the end of the top timber taken on October 28

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