big daddys xpress oil change


big daddys xpress oil change company keeps charging my account after service has been completed cleveland Tennessee!!. I went in for an oil change and a car wash at big daddys car wash on North Lee Highway in Cleveland Tennessee I paid them $36 for an oil change and car wash immediately after I left they charge my account $249 the next day they charge my account $149.00and then the following day after I had went in and he assured me they would be no more charges on my card and my money would be refunded they charge me another $139 that same day he blamed it on the credit card company and said they had a mix up with another account and I was okay with it until he lied to me and told me there was not going to be any more charges on my account and then there was do not use this company for any type of oil changes or service I still haven’t received my money

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