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Ive concluded after many months that big fish casino is the opitamy of unfair & deceptive. I have no doubt in my mind that odds are adjusted according to wins, amount bet and many other facters I wont elaborate on here. The customer support for some is great while for others is dismal pre formatted BS about your internet service, your connection, YOUR issues (never their servers). The only remedy I can see is the law… It would require a 93a lawsuit or class action lawsuit or other in order to compel (force) deposition from code team, support team as well as executives under oath. The key to filing suit is simply have been a “paid” customer, walk into YOUR local courthouse and pay about $100 to file suit… the arguments will initially be for juristiction (if the “jusistiction argument can be won… the rest is easy)… you can then start flinging motions to compel everything including the kitchen sink and Big Fish would have a loosing battle on their hands. If I see one more non-responce OR useless responce from this company, I will my next $100 to the court instead of big fish and I will try to best to make sure unfair & deceptive bussiness practices do not continue in my state at least! If nothing else… the cost of having to answer my compliants and/or argue the amount of motions I would file would not be something anyone would wish to endure (no Doctors here… they have ZERO rights to a tribunal or anything else for that matter), their contracts can be argued, their TOS can be argued, etc. These are all issues that a Judge has total control over… I dont care what the TOS says (it has to be proven valid and viable in a court room to be enforced)! Big Fish Games, Self Aware Games and their executives would learn very swiftly how damaging a customer (with a little knowledge) who feels harmed, damaged, deceived can be to a billion dollar company who is seemingly being deceptive on many fronts (Proven by the class action suit filed regarding credit card charges). I love the game, Im a fair man but I cannot stand for zero responce and zero understanding. a responce WILL come if by certified mail or by customer support (this I promise!)

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