Big Lou’s wheels and motion


Big Lou’s wheels and motion Brilliance auto Brilliance auto the most deceitful and schematic car dealership in. The state of New Jersey check the reviews Union New Jersey!!. Ive been having the car since November 2018 it’s bout to be one year , they told me all these exciting things about the car and the warranty that supposedly covers everything underneath the hood . They told me to pick a car in the 4-6000$ range because my credit .. after I put the dwn payment they told me i’d be leaving with the car that day I ended up waiting 4 to 5 days to get the car then when I asked for my paper work for everything about the car and the agreements I signed they ended up giving us the paperwork a week after that and it said the car was 8000$ and with a 29% interest rate it all totaled up to 12000 with the warrantees and. Taxes. after we had the car I. Our possession for a week it started overheating we braught it back an forth. To the dealership for about 45 days .after they supposedly fixed what they needed to fix .the car ran for about a good 30 days I noticed an antifreeze leak witch was the first reason it waa over heating from the beginning. every time we braight the car to the dealership there was a new service manager. each an every time they all said the same thing one perticular time we needed to replace a silanoid piece. they tried to charge us 700$ when we had are personal mechanic look it up the part was only 100 dollars an they told us 700$ so we had to use our personal mechanic to work on our car when we had a 2 year warrantee. for the past three months we’ve had more problems with the car. webe braught it over there an they put it threw the computer to diagnose what problems the car had they haf the list of things that were wrong 90 percent of the problems were under the warrantee. they gave us a day to bring the car in when that day came they told us they didnt have time to fit us in when we made an appointment a week Pryor to the date they told us to bring it in, so after 3 weeks of them telling us every week they cant work on the car when they tell us to bring it in we threatened them with lawyers an lawsuits. they told us one more time to bring the car in. we dropped the car off an they said it would take about 3 to 4 days the most and by this time the car had about 10 things that was covered under the warrantee. so after 10 days we called to see wat they have done so far or whats taking so long .they didn’t do one thing to the car leaving me to car pool to work an still make payments on a car that I was not using for almost half the month. so after that I called a couple days later they said they could fix anything with the car until I fixed one part that wasnt covered under the warrantee. so after I threatened them with my lawyer again they told us the car was not movable that it wouldn’t start when we drove it to them when we frst dropped it off .so I’m jus sick and tired of the whole situation. so far the car has been sitting on the dealership for almost a month. this is about the 3rd time they’ve kept the car for a long period of time with no result. all they do is turn the check engine light off and give you back the car like they fixed every thing. it’s asham that I thaught they were a legitimate dealership an all of a sudden they changed their name from big Lou’s to brilliance auto

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