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Complaint: i bought tires in feb 2002 for a 528i bmw they are worn already in the rear when i went to have them rotated they said they where bad in the rear.then they said i need two new rear they showed me the tires.i said okay doesnt my warranty cover that the guy,said no because i have been peeling out thats why they are worn like that.i told him my car is a 528i 230 horse power it will not peel out unless its wet or in rocks,and i dont do car is to nice for that. they basicly told me thats the problem and they wont honor my warranty.i need to buy two tires and suggest that i buy all 4 tires.i was very hurt that they basiclly called me a liar.i would have been more receptive if they had told me something about its my car alignment.i very much enjoyed the service they have always provided,but to have 4 guys all looking at the tires all saying ya you where spinning the tires when i know that the car wont.if they are trying to save money they are doing very well if thats what they tell everyone with the same problem…im in the military and its hard enough around this area without distractions like this…. bryan radcliff,fort knox, Kentucky

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Address: south dixie radcliff radcliff, Kentucky U.S.A.



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