BigCatBrandz, LLC Review


Big Cat Brandz lied to me then stole my money. I had a sales person contact me via my website. He said that for $3,999 I could get my product into the hands of buyers globally. Walmart, Target, Walgreen’s…………..Big Cat Brandz claimed to know these Buyer’s personally. The owner of Big Cat Brandz plays golf with these Buyer’s on the weekends (or so they say). | I paid BIg Cat Brandz the money they requested to get my product on the shelves of these major big-box retailers. It has been months, and I have heard absolutely nothing! No updates, no calls, no nothing! When I asked them for an update, they only provided me with a Sell Sheet that their “Graphic Artist” made. Anyone can do this! | They even tried to ask me for more money. We are talking thosands of dollars. They said that it would be for better marketing, social media, etc. NO WAY! I do not want to provide them with more money if I am not even getting feedback regarding the first $3,999 I paid out to them. | Dig a little deeper and see what you can find online on these crooks. There is alot of information that is contradictory. The sales person stated that the owner was in business for over 30+ years, but online it says they started in 2010! The physical address is even incorrect on their Google Plus page. This sounds super fishy to me! | I see that they contact hundreds of inventors daily and claim to all of them that they can do the same. Please be weary of BIG CAT BRANDZ! Do not give them your hard earned money! There will be no results. I do not see anything online that states they have made any sales!


Name: BigCatBrandz, LLC

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: West Palm Beach

Address: 801 Northpoint Pkwy #3

Phone: 305-988-5945


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