BigonDigital – Camarillo California Review


On April 3,2003 I purchased what I was told was and advertised as a new Yamaha YHT900 Entertainment system. When the unit arrived at my house on April 11, 2003, it was in 2 old taped up boxes that appeared to be used multiple times, not in the manufacturers box like I was promised and the web site states. The DVD box had the corners torn out with all packing broken in multiple pieces. nInside was a B-STOCK refurbished piece of junk with no valid warranty what so ever.Reciever,DVD, speakers, bass speaker were all the same. The Mac warranty they sold extra was also void. The paperwork inside was old, obviously handled multiple times. The Yamaha warranty cards were photocopied with a big B-Stock stamp on it. I called Yamaha they told me it is preowned and returned for defects. The Yamaha rep stated that B-STOCK is only to be sold in house to employees and he wanted to know how I got this stuff. He told me the Yamaha warranty was void. nAfter multiple phone calls, being hung up on, put on hold, and passed around, it took 5 days to get a RMA number. They tried to get me to keep the unit. They told me they would not except a return, and constantly tried to get me to keep it. Then they said I could send it back but I had to pay restock and all shipping fees. Jerry the apparent manager admitted they sent the wrong stuff and would exchange it. I did not want to take the chance of it arriving like the current unit. Then he changed the story that I had to fill out his paperwork he would fax me before he accepted my return. I felt like I was a circus act jumping through hoops. This went on for a week and 37 phone calls and 4 faxes later. nJerry told me they were in the business to make money not to give it back. Out of all the phone calls I was given a different name each time but they all sounded like the same individual. One time I was even given my own name, thinking they were on the line with another customer. Then hung up on me when ask to talk to (my name), “we don’t have someone by that name working here””. nIt took over one month to get back part of my money. I had to pay over a hundred dollars to ship back there junk. And had to bug them everyday to credit my card back

which they finally did. Minus the shipping fees and restock fees = over $300. nThey have many numbers: 866-244-6634




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