Bill B Cozy Motel


Bill / B Cozy Motel Illegal Car Sales Operation RIP OFF SCAMMER North Tonawanda, New York!!. A guy named Bill runs an illegal car sales operation out of the B Cozy Motel, 1200 Niagara Falls Blvd, North Tonawanda,NY. Phone# 716-440-2811 He sells many cars each week but is not licensed as a dealer as required by NYS Law. He usually buys junk cars with serious problems off Craigslist, he lies to sellers to get them as cheap as possible, then he turns around and re-sells them on Craigslist for 2 or 3 times what he paid. The worst part is that he lies to buyers, rolls back mileage and covers up or fails to disclose serious problems. Then the buyer ends up going after the original seller because Bill never titles the car in his own name. So the buyer and original seller get screwed while Bill pockets the money. He doesn’t pay any taxes on the money or the sale and I’ve reported him to both the IRS and NYS Tax Dept, they already know about him, so does the NYS DMV Investigators and North Tonawanda Police. I don’t know why they are waiting so long but this guy and the motel owner are going down soon. Don’t let them rip you off, if your reading this DO NOT buy a car from him. Get the VIN from the car and report him by calling the following. NYS DMV Investigations: 518-473-1079 NYS Tax Dept Fraud: 518-457-0578 North Tonawanda Police: (716) 692-4312 IRS Fraud Investigations:

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