Bill Heard Chevrolet Sugar Land


I called Bill Heard Sugar Land for a used car they showed on the internet. I was told that they had it along with 5-6 other minivans in the same price range. Once I got there with my two children they tried the old Switch and Bait. Then they tried to finance me in a more expensive vehicle when I said no and that I only wanted to look at what I had called for they brought in the sales manager who tried to get me to finance for more. When I told him no he said that he might have 1 minivan on the back lot and that he would go get it. 20 minutes later he came back and said that it was gone, and tried to get me to finance again. I asked about the 5-6 minivans they told me they had and was told they had all been sold. When I tried to leave the salesmanager then tried to use my children against me saying that anything I paid cash for would break down and be unreliable. He then said I needed more money or to finance. This was all done with my children present and I have a 3yr old who heard the whole thing and now thinks that our car will break down. Bill Heard has been contacted several times with no response back. I filled with the BBB and so far they seem to not care about that either. They seem to forget we have rights as consumers, along with family rights, and scaring my children is going to get them suid. Tawny Richmond, TexasU.S.A.

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