Bill Jacobs BMW MINI


A total service rip-off of $831.90. After charging me $831.90 in February 2017 and claiming to fix a minor oil leak that I pointed out during a routine oil change, Bill Jacobs MINI mechanics made the problem worse (a very small and infrequent leak prior to that February 2017 service turned into a leak that then occurred every time I drove the car after their service), but claimed it was fixed. I brought the car back 300 miles later (April 2010); Bill Jacobs MINI observed that it was still leaking; again claimed to have fixed it; and it kept leaking every time I drove the car. Every time after Bill Jacobs mechanics touched it in February and charged me $831.90, that is. I ended up taking it to a non-BMW/MINI repair shop that actually fixed the leak for $690.66 in May 2010. Appeals to Bill Jacobs MINI’s Service Director Mark Zolnierowicz and to BMW of North America’a CEO Jim O’Donnell in Woodcliff Lake, NJ, resulted in a dizzying array of false and contradictory statements (both spoken and written) but no compensation for this apparent consumer rip-off. Eeeks, this is shameful for a large company and a dealership doing so well it just built a huge new sales and service facility. Moreover, this is what Bill Jacobs MINI claims on its website: “Our commitment to customer service is second to none…Our primary concern is the satisfactionof our customers.”If this rip-off hadn’t cost me $831.90. it might be funny. Beware Bill Jacobs BMW MINI in Naperville, IL (full name Bill Jacobs Naperville LLC, spawn of William T. “Bill” Jacobs). BMW of North America LLC offered the company’s final word on June 15, 2010, through Ms. Sophy Mak of MINI National Customer Relations (NJ Executive Office): “all repairs were performed to within MINI specifications.” Yes, that’s right, BMW’s North American headquarters has concluded that all MINI vehicles are supposed to leak visible puddles of oil each time the vehicle is driven. Moreover, BMW’s North American headquarters has concluded that if a MINI automobile leaks only a little and only infrequently, a BMW MINI dealer’s repair department should charge $831.90 to make it leak more. This is a story worthy of John Stossel’s Give Me a Break series!

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