Billy’s Toyota and Lexus Car & Van Parts


Billy’s Toyota and Lexus Car & Van Parts I refused an unopened shipment and was denied a refund, having been told the package was open and it’s contents used. Calera Alabama!!. I ordered an ABS brake actuator. I refused the shipment and FedEx sent the unopened package back. Nathan, one of the store’s employees, told me that I would be responsible for a 20% restocking fee, despite never accepting the shipment to begin with. I disputed the $305 charge with Bank of America and was responsible for paying for return shipping of which I also haven’t been reimbursed. Upon receiving the package back, Billy, the owner, claimed I opened the package, stating there was solder on the brake actuator. This is untrue. Not only was the package unopened, but I would have no need to ever take a brake actuator apart and solder it back together… Nonetheless, Billy refused to refund any portion of the transaction, failing to honor what his employee promised. In addition to that, he never sent the part back to me. At this point, I’m out $305 plus shipping for sending the part back, and I have nothing to show for it, as I never received the part back. Because the correspondence took so long between myself, Bank of America, and Billy’s Toyota Parts, I was told by my bank that there was nothing they could do since it was outside of 30 days.

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