Bimbo Bakeries USA Review


I bought a route though Bimbo Bakeries about 3 years ago. At first money was great and management was on you side as a partner. Thia past April because of family reasons i decided to sale said route to another Bimbo independent operator. We went though the normal channels and he was appoved and everything was a go with my buyer. Was told by management we were waiting on paper work. Fast Foward 3 months later. They decided that my Buyer was no longer appoved though them even though he owns one of there routes. | And told me to find another buyer or to sell it back to them or to just keep it. The problem is if i let them buy it back they don’t have to put any money up front toward my route and would make me wait for them to send me any kind of monies. I told them no on selling it back to them. And as of today Bimbo has sent there managers to my market to try to find anything so they can Breach me on my contract with them. This company is very unfair and sneeky. I would not recommend anyone getting into business with this company. Bimbo Bakeries only cares about Bimbo Bakeries. After all of my time and energy spent on this route they are trying to get me to walk away by making me wait. Or they are trying to screw me out of the monies from my route. DONT GET INTO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE.

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