Bimmer Mobile Specialist Review


Bimmer Mobile Specialist came to my house to replace some parts on my BMW. After watching the technician it was obvious he was not knowledgeable about the problem with my car. The Technician keepT going to his truck to talk on the phone. It was obvious he was getting help for the problem with the car. After watching him take multiple parts off of my car he placed some of them in the dirt on a cardboard box to spray with a brake cleaner. I told him that would not work for me and to clean the part properly. His response was rude and eventuly did what I asked and cleaned it on my gargae floor staining it with grease and brake cleaner, go figure….Eventuly the Technician put the car back together and I paid him $1,600.00 for the service. No sooner after he left I checked the car to see if the problem was fixed and it was still the same. I took the car to Classic BMW and they fixed it right and I never had an issue again. I never contacted Bimmer Mobile Specialist about the problem becuase it is a small business and I am sure i would get no where with them. The point is the technicians at Bimmer Mobile Specialist are not certified to work on BMW cars and it is best to go to the Dealer for the repairs. .

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