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EBI – BIOMET sent me a bill for $2621.81 for a bone stimulator. After my back surgery I came into the doctor’s office for the first checkup. A BIOMET representative was there to instruct me on the use of the bone stimulator. I asked how much this device would cost me since I was on disability and did not have the funds for additional items since the hospital bill had to be paid. The representative tome me that there would be no additional charges. I then agreed to accept the bone stimulator. After more than a month, I received a notice from EBI – BIOMET that I would be charged $2621.81 for the bone stimulator. I wrote to them with no response about the charges. Since the second notification from EBI, I have sent back the bone stimulator to them and a letter to EBI, BIOMET, my physician and Medicare. I do not like a company who misrepresents themselves like this and have notified other physicians that I deal with about EBI – BIOMET practices.

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