Birch Communications


To begin with this company bought Globalinx, and I was never notified of the change, first bad checkmark, my complaint is that they “over billed me” $200 on my October bill, stating that there were 180 minutes of long distance calling!!! When inquiring about the calls, they told me calls to Mexico and some other country called Anguilla. I had to ask for them to spell that country, because my parents and I don’t even know about where Anguilla is, I was shocked to see this is in the British Islands!!! My parents only speak Spanish, not a word of English and the reason for having the system is to call Mexico!!! Their family is there, we didn’t even know where this Anguilla place was!!! How can I make sense of this outright stealing and charging for their own benefit! This company is stealing my money, they’re such “THIEVES” so convenient they added other’s people’s phone calls and added to our bill like my parents made those calls!!! How can I get my money back, I’m tired of going back and forth with their horrible customer service, this company is horrible and they don’t comply with a good service at all!!!! please help me give them a horrible most lower rating so people don’t get ripped off by them, warn as many people as you can of these thieves!!!!

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