Bit Lending Club Ohio Review


This place is a down right scam to steal your ID, information and identity. Now, before people point out that there’s been a few successful users…well, duh! They are selective scammers, if they scammed everyone they would be shut down! To explain.. They have me send in my ID, Utility bill, Check Stubs and whatever else. When I was sending this stuff in to get the loan they respond within a few hours. I send in all my info so they can now steal my identity then all of a sudden they cancel my loan request for absolutely no reason what so ever and they all of a sudden haven’t responded to me all week?!?! My loan request wasn’t online for 24 hours before it was canceled and now they won’t respond as to why it was canceled or anything else at all, what so ever. Been at least 3 or 4 days since I’ve emailed them. They just canceled and now these thieves have all my info. I have proof and screenshots of them responding quickly while they are trying to get your ID’s and everything else then all of a sudden not responding. People, stay away from them. I am in the process of reporting them to every single agency I possibly can for this. If I can sue, then that will be next also. They don’t let you choose what interest rate, my interest rate was close to 50% then they use the high interest rate as high risk loan?!?! YOU are the ones that gave me the interest rate, are you serious?!?! I cannot stress this enough, stay away. Do not send these people your information. Do not do business with them. Again, I will be spending all weekend reporting them to the proper authorities and making sure my information is safe, although there is now aboslutely no way of assuring this since my ID, 3 check stubs and much more is in their sole possession. Stay away, stay away!

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