BitAeon Complaint


BitAeon is kind of Jack-of-all-trades. They try to make money out of everything: cryptocurrencies, blockchain, forex, crowdfunding etc. Their scheme is nothing special: you give them money and they pour it into more profitable at a moment. Actually, no one is going increase anything and no one will refund your money when something goes wrong. And it will, I am sure. They claim they are a next-generation investment platform, but in fact, it’s so pathetic. Why? Well, there are so many words and promises, but no specifics at all. No operations details, no reports, no yields, no timelines. Nothing. They say investors will earn 3% a day. How? Is there any adequate business plan? Anything that would show how exactly these three percents can be earned? Why would we believe their words with no proofs? It’s obvious the company is a total scam. Stay far away.

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