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Bizapedia posts outdated, wrong and in the chance they get it correct-personal information. A cell phone number is not public record. They do not offer an email address, physical address or phone number to contact them. So yes, they are as sleazy as they sound. They demand you choose from 5 topics that do not apply to your situation and it will not submit the contact form unless every part of the form is filled out. They make money by profiting off of your privacy. If someone has died, they don’t care. If the business doesn’t operate anymore they don’t care. If you are the victim of a crime, they DO NOT care. When you do contact them they will claim they can do whatever they please and refuse to correct their “records”. SHUT THEM DOWN. File a complaint against them through your state’s governor/attorney general consumer protection division and the FTC at Once they see how disgusting and evil this company is, it will be over for them.

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