BJ’s Auto Spa Phoenix Arizona


Complaint: I recently brought my car to BJ’s to have an oil change, a top and bottom engine cleaning, and an interior and exterior cleaning/detailing. BJ’s calls customers to the checkout to pay for services before they are performed. I paid $144 in advance for all of the services. They supposedly performed the oil change, and they washed the inside and the outside of the car. After about 3 hours later when they said the car was finished, I looked under the hood to see if the engine cleaning had been done and it had not been done. The inside and outside of the car was very clean and looked good, but the engine had not been cleaned at all. I told an employee there that I had paid for the engine cleaning, (which I was told was $53) but it had not been done. The employee told me that they did not see that I had purchased an engine cleaning and they could not do the engine cleaning that day because the car had already been washed and it would get dirty from the engine cleaning. The employee then wrote on my receipt “Return for engine cleaning.”” and I left the shop. Later

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Address: I decided that I did not trust BJ’s and I wanted a refund instead of the engine cleaning. I went to BJ’s and I spoke with David

Website: but he refused to refund my money. And at this point

Phone: who is the Assistant Manager. Now it also turns out that David is the brother of Chris

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