BKD, LLP. Review


BKD CPA’S & Advisors, were referred to me by my lockal SBA office. Very long story short, the individual who “helped” me with my business taxes, apparently did it incorrectly. Their mistake has cost me, over $3200.00 in fees to BKD for services rendered, and now another $500.00 to have their mistake rectified. | The tax service I am now using, charges me $250.00 for my business taxes per year. Whereas, BKD charges per hour. The $3200.00 that was charged to me was for 2 years of business taxes to be filed. Oh yeah, and I gave them my Quickbooks ready to go. | It’s now been confirmed by several other sources that BKD is known for charging excessive amounts of money for their services, and not being 100% correct with their clients. I will NEVER use their services again, nor would I recommend them to ANYONE.


Name: BKD, LLP.

Country: United States

State: Colorado

City: Colorado Springs

Address: 111 S. Tejon Street, Suite 800

Phone: 719-471-4290

Website: www.bkd.com/

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