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Complaint: Received the following email: An advertising company from United Kingdom is looking for a Customer Assistant for a part-time, permanent home-based opening. As a Customer Assistant, you will manage payments among our partners’ customers and our company; your responsibilities, in particular, will include managing cash and balancing receipts, following up on accounts, etc. Other obligations include receiving, sorting out and posting different types of correspondence. The job is associated with remote Internet operations. Job Obligations u00b7 Composing timetable, directing, supervising the company’s operations; u00b7 Processing payments; u00b7 Keeping detailed records of operations. Basic Position Qualifications: u00b7 Average computer skills including the experience with Microsoft Office software. Personal traits: u00b7 Ability to communicate via phone with members clients and provide the most qualified customer service; u00b7 Excellent listening skills; u00b7 Demonstrated professional oral and written level of communication; u00b7 High level of self-motivation; u00b7 Adaption to changes; u00b7 Possesion of effective time-management skills. Work Conditions: u00b7 Work-at-home environment, must have a high-speed Internet connection e.g. DSL, Cable. Salary: u00b7 Customer Assistant’s pay is $720.00 per week + 10 % fee for each successfully transferred payment. If you are interested in the position we offer, please, send your CV to the current e-mail address. Here’s what happens if you send your CV: My name is Nichole Styles, personnel manager of Black and White Marketing Ltd. I am writing to inform you that we have received and reviewed your resume, and you are qualified for the position of Customer Assistant. Various benefits offered by our organisation to new employees are described in attachment to this letter. If you would like to apply for this job description, please follow these steps: 1. Read the Job Description 2. If you agree with the job description terms, proceed to step 3 3. Send me an e-mail containing this text: I, [your name] agree to the job description terms and want to apply for this position. MM, DD, YEAR 4. Please reply this e-mail with the follow information FULL NAME: DATE OF BIRTH: GENDER: MAILING ADDRESS (no P.O. Box please): CITY: STATE: ZIP CODE: CELL PHONE: HOME PHONE: BEST TIME TO CALL YOU: PRESENT JOB STATUS/POSITION: Overview: Interview: We don’t interview applicants for part-time positions. Job Type: Work-at-Home, Part-Time. You can easily combine it with any other job you have. Training: We provide Trial Period with training. So you’ll get all necessary experience in process. Location: You don’t need to relocate. You’ll work from home. Sincerely Yours, Nichole Styles Personnel manager Black and White Marketing Ltd 7th Floor, Duke Street House 21, London W1K 6JL, United Kingdom Tel: +44 20 3287 9295 Fax: +44 20 3014 5432 WWW:

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