black knight auto and truck repair


black knight auto and truck repair worst mechanic ever, he fixes one thing and than ou have 50 other issues, and the fist issue was never properly fixed! scranton Pennsylvania!!. i took my bmw in to have an electical issue repaired. the car ran fantastic, just wanted to get that issue taken care of. went back for the car about a week later, thats how long it ook and issue is still not resoved infact car ran horrible afterwards, i took it right back and he disconnected the mass air sensor, the car ran but it was never right. a few days later the radiator busted, took it to back and he had it for almost 2 weeks, kept telling us he needed more parts and money up front. we kept giving it to him, finally got the car back and drove it a few miles and it started overheating, now the radiator is pouring antfreeze from the bottom. had to have the car towed again. its unreal, that car was a great car, since he got hs hands on it its one problem after another. i cant get any response from him and i do not want to take my car back there, i want to be refunded for everything.

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