Black Onyx Corporation, LLC.


This guy John Sims is a fraud, scam artist and everything else in between- he operates Black Onyx Lending and finds people to scam on LinkedIn to scam and take money from. We were doing a deal together and he said that he had a client interested in funding our project but needed 10k for admin fees, etc. So we sent it over- dumb I know! He would then not answer email or calls and acted like he was doing us a favor. Long story short, we asked for a refund of funds as he had done nothing but waste our time giving us the run around. He said he was issuing us a return of funds over a week ago and still nothing after numerous times going back and forth. Then to top it all off, he tries to contact my client behind my back saying he had a funder- ya right! He is now trying to get me to sign a document that he has 60 days to pay back funds and that is subject to review and only 55%-75% of it might be returned if any. He keeps saying that until he gets that document signed he will not send back funds. You’ve scammed me enough John Sims. Send the money you said you would/owe back. I have contacted the district attorney and have also filed a criminal report with in the chicago area. This guy also has been to prison for this before and from the looks of it, this this isn’t the first time he has pulled this trick of his. Google his name John Sims and Black Onxy Lending and you will see his mugshot! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH JOHN SIMS!!! LEARN FROM MY EXPERIENCE AND STAY AWAY FROM JOHN SIMS!!!

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