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Complaint: I currently own 3 paramotor rigs from Blackhawk. In the beginning I was convinced these were good machines. It did not take long before I began having major problems. After only 33 hours my 220cc engine had a piston wrist pin failure while in the air. Blackhawk would not fix it, but reluctantly gave me the parts to make the repair myself. I have been flying for 20 years. I have seen comments that Blackhawk is the Walmart of PPG, but it is worse. Blackhawk is more like Harbor Frieght, China. If you look at all the different engines Blackhawk has offerd, you will see they have gone through a mulitude of engines trying to find one thats powereful and reliable. Heavan forbid if you purchased a 220 like mine, they don’t carry it anymore, so good luck finding parts. I know several pilots that purchased Blackhawk gear and none are happy with the quality or service after purchase. When they bring a new machine online, the buyer is the test pilot. Blackhawk brags about how they have developed new wings for the sport, again not true. Every wing they offer is a direct copy of another companies R&D. Example=Electra=Ozone. Just ask them to show you the specs and how they developed the wing and you will get nothing. When I received my ppg training, it was one on one which is what you would expect after paying over 2k. On their web site they state the instructor trains no more than 3 students at a time. The instructors have to pay Blackhawk up to 50% of the training fee just for the right to instruct on the Blackhawk field. With that said, the trainers are stacking as many students at once just to squeeze out a living. If I knew when I first started dealing with Blacklhawk what I know now, I would have ran away as fast as I could. Do not take anything said by Blackhawk at face value. Check around, there are a few great powered paraglider companies that will give you a better experience. Stay away from the LIES & HYPE

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Address: 8195 Hogan Dam Road Valley Springs, California United States


Phone: 209-7867899

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