Blair Plastic Surgery, PA–Dr. Robert Louton State College Pennsylvania Review


In June, 2008, I went for a consultation with Dr. Robert Louton in the State College PA office, about a possible neck lift (I’m 43). I immediately noticed the very unprofessional atmosphere in the office. Every woman I saw working there was wearing very low-cut blouses or dresses that showed enormous cleavage. The thought ran through my mind that he had done breast augmentation on all of them and they were “showing off”” the results. nI was called in

after filling out all the paperwork. The doctor did not come in at the beginning at all

which was NOT a good sign. The girl who talked to me looked at my neck and made a diagnosis

then proceeded to show me a series of photographs in a photo album (supposed before-and-afters). She then gave me paperwork to sign. I read it through carefully first. It was just a quote for the procedure ($4000)

but not an authorization to actually DO the procedure. However

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