Blake Skole Kansas City Missouri


Complaint: Mr. Blake Skole is supposed to be a professional Arabian horse trainer but after seeing what he did to my horse after being at his facility for 2 u00bd years I would say he is an abuser of Arabian horses. I had a 2 year old gorgeous grey Arabian horse at his facility for training and marketing. I brought home a scared, abused and aggressive 4 year old. At his facility he wants to know when you are coming to see your horse and I now know why. I went as often as I could to check on my horse in his care and found him clean and well groomed each time but I did let him know I was coming. He was there for training and marketing so I would find him in an upfront stall, clean with hay until one day I showed up unannounced. I found my then 4 year old horse in a foot deep manure filled stall in a back dark tiny stall way out in an old junk barn. He had no food and was wearing a cribbing collar UPSIDE down. This horse is now a cribber, weaver and a very scared horse. I believe he was separated from all other horse, never allowed out and never worked with in anyway. This horse was to be in show training, going to shows and being marketed to show homes. None of this was done This horse was severely abused regarding his feet, never taught to load in a trailer, in which would have been necessary IF Blake Skole would have been showing this horse to market which was what he was being paid for. As a trainer Blake Skole is extremely dangerous because he is a good salesman and can sell himself to the unexpecting Arabian owner. He in his way of training or lack of, has caused this horse to become a weaver and a cribber with great fear in the human race. Get contracts; check on trainers often u201cunannounced!u201d Demand results and take no excuses. Blake Skole stole this horseu2019s show future. He did irreversible damage mentally to this animal and he lied constantly regarding what was being done in my absence. Do not trust him in any way!!

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Address: 2602 East Red Bridge Rd Kansas , Missouri United States


Phone: (816) 507-9852

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