Bloomberg Holdings Enterprises Port Orchard Washington Review


On 12/15/2015 in Mazatlan MX we received an offer from Bloomberg Holdings Enterprises of Atlanta GA to purchase our timeshare interest in Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay and we agreed to purchase a membership in Amazing Memories Travel Club. The travel club purchase was contingent on closing the purchase/sale agreement within 6 months. If closing did not occur on time a 25% penalty would be added in escrow. Agreed to purchase price for the timeshare was $155,200 and the travel club price paid was $32,499. Funds paid were to be held in escrow at First American Title and the agreement could be cancelled at any time. In June , 2016 we were contacted by Bloomberg and informed their purchaser did not qualify. They requested additional time to locate another qualified purchaser. In early-October Bloomberg contacted us with news of a qualified buyer. In late-October we received a telephone call from Mr. Lyle Williams of Columbus International Escrow Services of New York, NY informing us they would handle the transaction closing. Fund dispersement was to occur within 24-to-48 hours of receipt of all documents and funds from all parties. Approximately one week later we were informed that we owed an additional $6,790 in fees and service charges and it could not be handled from fund dispersement. We insisted on some form of security before agreeing to pay the fees. We received a corportae guarantee from Columbus to independently pay $194,000 if Bloomberg did not finalize the transaction. Columbus insisted they already held the funds in trust. We paid the $6,790 to Columbus by wire transfer from our account at Chase Bank. Since the wire transfer we have have not been able to contact either Columbus or Bloomberg and the transaction has never closed. We have sent numerous e-mails and left numerous telephone messages. In addition, we have sent notification of transaction cancellation by certified mail. It has not been acknowledged. We feel like we completed due diligence via the internet on both companies. We also checked with BBB and found no complaints. Both represent themselves professionally with websites and by. They are both US companies specializing in appropriate business generes. Total losses amount to $40,288.

260 Peachtree St. NW Suite 2200 Atlanta, Georgia USA



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