Blossom Restaurant Review


Do Not Eat At Blossom Restaurant, | 4019 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90029 | Back on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 at approximately 9:30 P.M., I was waiting in front of my friend’s place about two (2) blocks west of this restaurant and needed to use the bathroom. | I did Not know where there was a bathroom in the area and so somebody told ME to use the one just down the street which happened to be at the Blossom Restaurant which was one of the few available. | I therefore went there with a Pleasant, Positive Attitude and asked to Use The Bathroom Very Nicely! | Well, Guess What Kind Of A Response I Received From The Young Guy Working At The Reception Desk? | Answer: Sorry, The Bathrooms Are Only For Customers! | Well, How would You know if I am a Customer or Not, or if I am going to become Your New Customer. | Now, after I received that Abusive Treatment and Behavior Coming From One Of Their Male Blossom Restaurant Employees, I will Never become their Customer, nor Will I Ever Recommend This Blossom Restaurant To Anybody! | Good Riddens With Your Negative, Selfish Attitude And Poor Business Practices!


Name: Blossom Restaurant

Country: United States

State: California

City: Los Angeles

Address: 4019 Sunset Blvd

Phone: 323-953-8345


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