Blue Cross and Blue Shield Review


Blue Cross Blue shield of new mexico has taken 2 months to find me a dr in roswell nm and still have not found me one. meanwhile i am in pain every day they fail me. when i call to complain i am met with rude non-empathetic witches like ANDREA!! This poor excuse for a human has twice provoked a reaction from me with her unprofessional, control freak, immature behavior and has impeded my health progress by hanging up on me after provoking a reaction from me. What she has done to me twice now is allow me to go into detail about my situation and complaint which i do politely but obviously frusteration can be heard in my voice. | Then when i am done there is silence for so long i say HELLO?……still nothing…..HELLLLO??…..still nothing….HELLLLLO???…Then i say aloud to myself, “Oh that’s really nice, just hang up on me!” Finally ANDREA says “I’m here, didn’t want to interrupt you and feel the fire!” or some smartass comment like that as though my frusteration had been the subject of bitchy gossip between a small group of females including 2 christies(supers) amy(super) and then when i angrily ask where was she the first time i said HELLO? THE SECOND TIME? THE 3RD TIME!!? and she went off on me about my reaction!! I then said Hey! i was polite to you until you played your games with me like you did the first time!! YOU ANDREA PROVOKE A REACTION TO GIVE YOURSELF AN EXCUSE TO HANG UP AND PLAY PHONE GAMES WITH PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!! | Is anyone else SSSSSICKKK of these people!!?? They are instigators!! That is how they live!! They can’t go a day without messing with others, provoking an angry reaction, then pointing you out like “SEE! I TOLD YOU THIS GUY WAS RUDE!!” Totally oblivious to the reality that THEY are the ones at fault by provoking people with their unprofessional and piss poor attitudes. These scumbags should not have jobs dealing with HUMAN BEINGS!! ESPECIALLY IN THE HEALTH CARE FIELD!! | BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD of NM is the most UNPROFESSIONAL UNORGANIZED provider out there folks!! Their DARABASES are all so out of date and unkept that they are constantly giving people wrong and expired info and phone numbers. They have given me wrong phone numbers repeatedly and referred me to doctors who mytseriously cancel my appointment after i waited a month for my appointment. | SO HERE I SIT IN PAIN FOR THE LAST 2 MONTHS BECAUSE OF THE UNPROFESSIONAL, INCOMPETENT AND RUDE BEHAVIOR OF BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD OF NEW MEXICO. | I WILL BE SEEKING AN ATTORNEY TO TAKE ACTION AGAINST ANDREA AND BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD FOR IMPEDING AND NEGATIVELY AFFECTING MY HEALTH.


Name: Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Country: United States

State: New Mexico

City: Albuquerque

Address: 4411 The 25 Way NE

Phone: 505-816-4000


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