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Complaint: I am a former independent contractor for Blue Green Resorts. I found the position on Craig’s list advertising a $350.00 signing bonus and a GUARANTEED $12.00 PER HOUR PLUS COMMISSION. This is a Complete fraudulent representation made in the ad under Vacation Sales. The foregoing is a patently fraudulent inducement made to invigle potential applicants to work for them under fraudulent pretence. Accordingly, they do not tell you about charge backs and they DONOT GUARANTEE YOU A $12.00 per hour wage and as a result you could effectively be working for free or near free. Moreover, they give you no substantive proof of the charge backs. Their ad’s on Craigslist are under a fictious name. The most recent was “Josh””. A manager in Delray Brach

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Address: named Bill Barrone will make false representations to you for the purpose of effectively STEALING your hard work and effort. The companies Modus Operandi is to get you to work there without any wage GUARANTEE since the charge backs can wipe out your commissions and wages. Hence

Website: Pompano, Florida, Las Vegas United States

Phone: the reason for a very high turnover of independent contractors. Since this is a public company

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