Blue Green Vacations Edmond Oklahoma Review


We signed up. It was a good deal so far. The idea and locations are quite nice. Then the ‘come talk for a minute or 60 for a free night’ starts. We got up sold once; it sounded like a good idea. At this point i put a cease and desist on our membership for marketing with the stipulation that i would immediately sell all ‘points’ if i get solicited for more anything. The pushy, not a word in edgewise for 2 minutes upon answering calls begin. My wife an i both are getting them. I kindly reminded them a couple of times, but now I am selling out. She is still doing chemo for breast cancer. I am getting over a surgery. Blah, blah, we have not had time to even experience the last upsale. Why would they continue to be so pushy after I repeatedly and explicitly requested that they note my file as “do not call””? High pressure

high call volume to me

repetitious marketing hoping to wear one down? Don’t know

don’t care

I’m out. I guarantee the original idea guy for Blue Green would not have started his company with the motto

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