Blue Leaf Estate Auctions Review


I am a previousely customer and I am going to tell you why not to use Blue Leaf Auctions, Blue Leaf Estate Sales in Tempe Arizona. | First I was expecting a person to come to my home to do an estate sale. Instead I was conned into having an in home auction by Rowlan Hill. He told me he was the owner but I discovered by using google the below person is the owner. | STEPHANIE GARCIA | MANAGER | 3925 S SHAFER DR | TEMPE,AZ 85282 | I was able to stay in the home during the auction. Very few people came and almost nothing sold. I was very angry at the entire process. Nothing was set up but left in boxes all over. I was lied to about what things would sell for and am very disappointed. | I later find out they use to sell things. Then I also find out they they own a storeage unit in Tempe where they keep everything that does not sell and keep all the money doing there own auctions. Theives! The address to their storeage unit is | Blue Leaf | 3803 S Priest Drive | All of Arizona | Tempe, AZ 85282 | Phone: 602-758-0865 | Don’t trust them, don’t use them, they took advantage of me so Im writing to warn you all. | The auction was bad, they are unprofessional, try to do more sales then they can handle, have no idea what they are doing. They LIE and are new so dont beleive them.


Name: Blue Leaf Estate Auctions

Country: United States

State: Arizona

City: Tempe

Address: 3803 S Priest Drive

Phone: (602) 758-0865


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