Blue Nile Review


WARNING, although we”ve heard WONDERFUL things about Blue Nile and once thought of purchasing their stock, my husband tried to buy me an anniversary ring from them. He thought all was fine until he received a phone call from their customer service saying the diamond he picked is not available. It was when he put the ring together online. Ironically they offered to sell him a MORE EXPENSIVE diamond! They LOST a $9, 000 order because of this (yes $9, 000 for one diamond set in yellow gold). I”m actually happy this has happened because I already had a diamond solitaire. But I thought those of you out there who “thought” you were putting together a nice ring – may get a ring of another kind – a phone ring telling you your diamond is not available too! To date – they have not responded to our complaint of their bait and switch tactic they performed on us.

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