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My husand found an add in the newspaper for Blue Ridge Construction Solutions about building garages. My husband met with him several times. In October 2018 we met with him and signed a contract for him to build a garage and paid him a $10,740.00 as a deposit for the trusses. The contract said that it would be completed in 60 days. I kept calling and texting about the building plans as I needed them before I left for a month for the military. He took the money and disappeared for 3 months. After nuerous calls and text messages we gave excuses that his van was stolen, his phone broke and he broke his fingers. After i returned at the end of November, I continued to call and text about the building plans and there was no reply. In late December, we tried calling and texting again about the build plans and he finally called back in mid January. It took him 3 months to get the building plans complete, correct and submitted. Due to the engineer office we had to make the garage bigger he said he needed an additional $6,750.00 for additional trusses. After being paid the additional money, he disappeared again. He finally started the job at the end of March 2019 by clearing the lot for the garage. He hired a block layer to do the foundation and this is where we are. He has not returned to work on the garage nor has ordered any trusses. On May 18, my husband called and left a message and text him again. He made up another lie that his little cousin was killed when a car fell on him while changing the oil his his sister’s car. I searched for funeral arrangments, obituary, deaths and came up with nothing. Robert Bob (Bobby, Bobbie) Heath is a crook, a liar, a con artist and a fraud. If you see anything with the company name BLUE RIDGE CONSTRUCTION SOLUTIONS, BLUE RIDGE CONSTRUCTION, ITS ALL A FAKE. DONT FALL FOR IT.

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