Blue Sky Renewable Energy Review


I purchased a wind turbine from Michael Shane Jones who represented himself as a business owner of Blue Sky Alternative Energy. Michael was quick to cash my check, but always has excuses why the work couldnít be done or why he wouldnít show up. He would never answer his phone then referred me to his son, Nathan who had no idea of what was going on and he ever got his now father-in-law, James Jones involved with this scam. | After 4 months of excuses and broken promises, I took him and his now ex-wife, Jamie A. Jones to court and won. He was also sued by another gentleman the same day I sued him and that gentleman also won. I also sued his father-in-law, James Jones and won that case as well. | After court he has made threats and then will block your phone number so you canít message him back. Donít be another victim of Michael Shane Jones.


Name: Blue Sky Renewable Energy

Country: United States

State: Missouri

City: Joplin

Address: 7834 S Blackcat Rd

Phone: 660-572-0238


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