Blue Tow Service Orr Minnesota


Complaint: My vehicle was towed by Blue Tow. I worked really hard to get up the cash to get it out but wasn’t able to make it work. While I was working on getting the cash, I was in contact with them making some arrangements to have them hold onto it before selling it at auction.I was supposed to go pick it up on September 23,2005 and in the meantime they sold it. I asked where my personel belongings were and I was told for 200.00 they would tell me. Well, since all I owned was in that truck inclucding all of my clothes, birth certificate, social security card,bicycle etc. They said they ah, didn’t have the item in the shop, but would tell me where to find them. I paid the 200.00 and they directed me to the dumpster behind the shop. I admit it did take me a long time to get the cash, I had cut my hand off at work in 2003 and was still in therapy, didn’t really have any sort of income but I understand that they couldn’t hold the truck forever. What I don’t understand is how any company can extort money out of customers. Basically, I just don’t think it is morally right. The office manager of the place had a smirk on his face, too. If anything, these people are basically morally bankrupt and no amount of money can put that back Kelly Orr, MinnesotaU.S.A.

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Address: 2535 – 85th Avenue NE Blaine, Minnesota U.S.A.


Phone: 763-7869020

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