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Please! do not use this compamy. they are deceitful and big liars. they contacted me by email anf told me I could get a loan up to $1250. They used a name of a company I have used before that I believe was forced to shut down all operations. This company had numerous complaints and was located oversees. They may very well be the same company. Blue Trust Loans contacted me by email told me they would give me a $50 dollar gift card if I applied and low rates. After I applied I never receieved the gift card. I called everyday only to be lied to each time. First, I was told after I apply I could download my gift card. When I called to ask where the card was I was told you have to wait 48 to 72 hours. After waiting 48 to 72 hours I called and was told you have to wait 48 to 72 hours after you apply and the funds are deposited. I was told my funds would post late in the evening in another day or early that morning after 48 to 72 hours passed. I called five days later and was told check my spam mail that the gift card was sent. I check all ny emails spam etc. nothing was posted. I was told they would send another code/giftcard later that night because they were busy. I ask to speak to the supervisor she was a big liar too, the supervisor told me I was approved and the gift card was pending. It has been well over a week since I applied and I havent recieved the gift card. This is a desparate dirty company you definatedly dont want to do business with. This was the only reason I took out the loan. They were rude and offered no apologies. They can be shut down just like the other company they use to get you to take out a loan. I will continue filing as many complaints as possible until I see this company but out of business.

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