BlueCar Partners, LLC Review


Granger Brewster Whitelaw of BlueCar Partners is a fraud. He lives in Red Bank, NJ and operates his so-called consulting business from home. The BlueCar Partners website lists him having a New York City office, in addition to, many offices around the globe. This is simply not true. These remote offices are merely one conference room in New York City; beyond that there are no employees of the company or established offices. Collectively, my relationships and I have decided that Whitelaw’s business relationships average about six months before they catch-on to his shenanigans and part ways from him and BlueCar Partners. I was introduced to this conceded individual as a “renowned venture capitalist with connections” to assist my company (an Internet startup) grow via capital raise and e-commerce marketing. In reality, Whitelaw does not put a dime of his own money into his clients’ projects.

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