Bluegreen Corporation Grass Lake Michigan Review


we also were coerced into buying BLuegreennWe were on our second honeymoon ( gatlingsburg tn ) which they had promised that would be free and man was that a lie n1. During the initial first meeting we were told that we had to be 25 years or older to actually own anything. WE told them that I was 24 and my husband was 23 at the time and the representative had to go talk to their manager and after sometime came back and started. n2. After telling Ted several times that we were not interested he would change the subject and start talking about his wife and then would come back to the scam once he had talked our ears off n3. We were told that we could not leave until we had bought into it or we would have to fork out the money to pay for our trip to TN after driving from MI there was no free trip that was promised. The meeting lasted for four hours and we had got up 3 times to walk out and we told that he would give us a better deal n4. We were given a personal phone number to reach Ted but were also told that he no longer worked there and that we would have to contact the mortgage department which we did on several occasions and the only advice they gave us was to pay or get an attorney. Also we left several messages once we had left to get out of it because we had 10 days and no one called us back. n5. We called 5 different departments to get an answer and no one returned any of our phone calls n6. By now they had taken out a monthly fee and also spun on us the maintenance fee which was never talked about prior. n7. We now had paid over a couple thousand dollars and we realize we cannot recover the money we just want out of it. WE had tried to do it the right way by calling and canceling within the first 10 days and they purposely never returned a single phone call. They said if at anytime we run into a financial bind to contact Ted personally and he would help us and buy it back. But we tried canceling it within the time period talked about in the contract any nothing. n8. In summary we tried to someone but were always sent to an answering machine, put on hold or told they would call us back. We have talked to the BBB of East Tennessee and they are seeing what they can do also. n9. And this last women Judy called us let us know that a complaint that we had filed with the main head quarters really bothered her because she knew Ted and that would call the head quarters and give us a call back with something…Well once again she hasn’t returned any of our phone calls…surprise surprise nWe would be willing to do whatever it takes so they will stop threatening us with our credit and interest rate. nCourtneynGrass Lake, MichiganU.S.A. Boca Raton, Florida U.S.A.

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