Blurb Complaint


Blurb claims they sent the profit check Sept 12, 2019. After over a month of not receiving the payment I contacted Blurb through the website. After a week of playing email tag, I was told a replacement was sent October 19, 2019 and if it don’t arrive by Friday October 25, 2019 they would send another. No profit payment was received. By not receiving either mailings indicates either the USPS stole both of the profit payments and did not cash them and just threw them away, or Blurb never sent them in the first place. Since the odds and common sense indicate Blurb never sent them, on October 27, 2019 I asked Blurb if profit payments was just a scam and if they never had any intention of sending any profit payments. Now they will not respond to repeated requests to resolve this matter through the website. I then tried to call them directly because they wont respond to repeated requests through the website to resolve this issue but Blurbs phone number is fake and leads nowhere [protected] Blurbs other number [protected] has been disconnected. Both more indications of deception by Blurb.

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