BMW Northwest Review


BMW Northwest in Tacoma, Washington has defrauded a customer: | Manfred Scharmach, owner of BMW Northwest in Tacoma, Washington, has been accused of perpetrating a fraud on a customer who purchased a 1963 Jaguar E-Type roadster from the dealership which car was purported to be the owner’s personal car. The dealership advertised the car on the Internet as in “concourse condition” and “ready for the next British car” show when in fact it turned out the data plate on the car, which gives a car its identity, had been switched and replaced with a fake data plate to make the car look like it was a “numbers matching” car, which carries with it a very specific definition. The engine, transmission, body, etc., must all be original. It was later discovered that the engine was not original, the transmission was not original, and parts of the body were not original, all had been replaced. Not even the color was original, it had been changed. Tampering with and/or removing a data plate and replacing it with a counterfeit data plate to defraud a buyer of a car is a federal offense, and when confronted the dealership refused to take responsibility and are currently being litigated by the defrauded customer. Also being named in the complaint are Allen Deen, the dealership’s General Sales Manager, and Chris Busch, Sales Manager, all accused of conspiring to defraud the buyer.


Name: BMW Northwest

Country: United States

State: Washington

City: Tacoma

Address: 4011 20th St E

Phone: 253-922-8700


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